Hello, I am

a student
a project developer

Here are some few projects that I had worked on

ExitLag Auto Signup

ExitLag Auto Signup

A tool that auto fetch a temporary email address
and creates an account at ExitLag

Roblox Auto Signup

Roblox Auto Signup

A tool that auto creates an account at Roblox

Paper Versions Links

Paper version links

An API that is forked from osipxd/Paper versions links but it update the json file with a script automatically.



An API that scrapes data from Twice Wiki and convert into JSON format.

qingBot Discord Bot

qingBot Discord Bot

A multifunction Discord bot.

Discord lootboxes opener

Discord lootboxes opener

Open Discord lootboxes, automatically

MCPE skin fetcher

MCPE Skin Fetcher

A simple tool that fetches a/multiple MCPE user skin through Geyser API



A Replugged plugin for LetMeGPT

Contact Me

Github: qing762

Discord: qing762

Twitch: qing762

YouTube: @qing762

Kick: qing762

Steam: qing762

Instagram: qing762_

Tiktok: @qingFN

Feeling generous?

I set up a tip page for anyone who wish to show support to me.

It is entirely voluntary. My projects will still be free and I would like to stay like so forever.

Any amount is welcomed! It does mean a lot to me.

Ko-fi: @qing762

Buy Me A Coffee: @qing762